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Makers gave fans a big surprise, Mirzapur’s second season released 3 hours ago

Mirzapur 9

Surprising the fans at the last moment, the makers of Mirzapur have released the second season of the series. With this, the wait of the fans running for two years is over. There were earlier reports that the second season would be in front of people from October 23, but the makers released it three hours in advance, due to the tremendous craze of the fans.

It can be seen on Amazon Prime. Fans on social media have become absolutely crazy as soon as the season episodes go live. Mirzapur is associated with the number one trend on Google and Twitter across India. The second season has a total of 10 episodes. Their names are Dhenkul, Rabbit, Handicapped Kota, Fearless, Lame, Ankush, Udbilaav, Chauchak, Butterscotch and the last episode respectively is King of Mirzapur.

Earlier, the posters and trailers associated with the series had also greatly increased the fans. You know, the first season of the series was released 2 years ago in 2018. The series was a huge hit, after which the fans were eagerly awaiting the second season. If you talk about the star cast, the series includes Ali Fazal (Guddu Bhaiya), Pankaj Tripathi (Kaalin Bhaiya), Shweta Tripathi (Golu Gupta), Rasika Duggal (Bina Bhabhi), Anjum Sharma (Sharad Shukla), Divyendu Sharma (Munna Tripathi) Huh. Vijay Verma has taken a special entry in the second season of the series.

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