bigg boss preview

Bigg Boss 14 3 November 2020 Day 27 Preview: Ijaz Khan will make tears of blood to Pavitra Punia, Nikki Tamboli will cross all limits

bigg boss preview

The makers of ‘Bigg Boss 14’ have given a big shock to the people at the beginning of the fifth week. After showing the way out of the house to two people last night, Bigg Boss is about to make the family tears tears. In the upcoming episode of ‘Bigg Boss 14’, the family is going to get a new nomination task. Big Boss is about to play the new bet with the help of house captain Ejaz Khan in the nomination task. In this special report of Bollywood Life, know what will happen in Salman Khan’s show tonight?

Aijaz Khan will cheat Pavitra Punia

As soon as the nomination task is completed, Bigg Boss will allow Ejaz Khan to use his power. Ijaz Khan will use his power to save Jasmine Bhasin directly from nomination. This decision of Ejaz Khan will move the ground under the feet of the holy Punia. Pavitra Punia will cry a lot in the bedroom and along with Nikki Tamboli, Jan Kumar Sanu will be seen silencing her.

Rahul Vaidya will cry after seeing the dirty act of Nikki Tamboli

One has to save himself by pulling a thin rope in the nomination task. Nikki Tamboli will be opposite Rahul Vaidya in the nomination task. Nikki Tamboli will keep this rope in her pants to protect herself from the nomination. Seeing the antics of Nikki, all the family members will tell them the right thing.

Overall, on the 27th day in the house of Bigg Boss, all the family members will make a big bang. How eager are you to watch the upcoming episode of this show? Will definitely tell in the comment box.

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