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This fan dressed up as the Dark Knight of Gotham City and the image is adorable

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While fans are quite excited about Matt Reeves’ upcoming film The Batman, it seems like a fan just hit on to something special!

This fan did something special and dressed up as the Dark Knight of Gotham City!

A fan recently recreated the entire look of Robert Pattinson from the upcoming movie, The Batman. Also, this fan is a little younger and this Jewish style is too adorable for social media. This young fan recreates the entire Batman costume with the help of his father. Take a look at the post on social media and now we understand how timeless the Batman costume is!

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The fan has aptly donned the stylish look and the post went viral in no time. We wonder if main star Robert Pattinson has taken a look at this adorable social media post. Take a look at the adorable look this young fan managed to create on social media.

The image is already creating quite a stir online!

Considering the current situation, the Warner Bros. studio had delayed the film and now the film is ready for release in 2022. The film had to go through some unwanted delays, but production resumed once again after it was closed for a while.

Additionally, the film will star Robert Pattinson in the lead role of Bruce Wayne. Other actors who will all star together he is Zoey Kravitz, Andy Serkis and Colin Farrell, who has already wowed fans with his unrecognizable appearance as The Penguin. With the first look teaser already building excitement among fans, we are eagerly awaiting this unique Batman movie to release on the big screen.

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